Friday, September 16, 2016

Former Detroit Lions Play-By-Play Writer the Most Colorful of His Era

By John Turney

In over 20 years of reading play-by-plays (now called gamebooks), it was always interesting to see the style of the writing and how much detail the press box play-by-play man would include in his account of the game.

One of the better ones was in Detroit, where the writer often added some extra color to the account. here are a just few examples.

Tommy Davis missed a short field goal and the writer apparently could tell that the kicker was embarrassed.
In 1978 wide receiver Freddie Solomon was called into play quarterback in an emergency situation. On a 4th and 12, he had to scramble and the writer called to mind a demonic image.

Here is the play from NFL Films (Fair use claim-for education and criticism)

When tragedy occurred in 1970, when Lions receiver Chuck Hughes died of a heart attack, the writer included the sounds of the ambulance sirens that were coming to take Hughes to the hospital.

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