Thursday, May 4, 2017

Dominique Easley Signs One-year Tender with Rams

By John Turney
The signed the Dominique Easley to a one-year deal for about $1.8 million. Easley played several positions with the Patriots, who drafted him, and last year backup up All-Pro Aaron Donald as a 3-technique and also played quite a lot in the nickel scheme as an inside rusher.

Rams new defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is installing a one-gap 3-4 defense and there is some question who will man the position opposite to Donald, who will remain a dedicated 3-technique. It is presumed that Michael Brockers will remain a shaded nose tackle, as he was in Gregg Williams's 4-3 scheme of a year ago, and Easley could back up both those players, or even possibly play the defensive end who would play over a tackle. His presumed competition would be Ethan Westbrooks or perhaps even Tyrunn Walker.

The net few months will be interesting. However, what we'd like to know is if Phillips will use Easley like Bill Belichick did on this play. Easley is playing opposite the right guard on this play. However, he stems from one strong-technique, to two inside, to two, to three, to four inside, to four to five, to four, four inside, to three, to two, to one, to two, again, to three, to two, to three. For those scoring our count is—1s-2i-2-3-4i-4-5-4-4i-3-2-2i-2-3-2-3 then the snap. But we could be wrong.

Credit: NFL Replay, Fair use claim for education and criticism


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