Monday, May 22, 2017

Helmet Oddities

By John Turney

We've posted about facemasks, but we wanted to cover the unusual lids that some players have worn. Here are a few:

Perhaps the most famous helmet modification is the top padding on Willie Lanier's helmet:

Art Shell and Gene Upshaw also had the same padding (for some years) on top of their helmets.

Fullback Marv Hubbard joining in the fun—
From 1971-73 Bob Brown wore the padded helmet for the Silver and Black—
Here is Norm Bulaich's helmet with padding on the back:

Daryl Sanders with the Lions in 1964 with top padding.
Frank Lasky has a wide ridge or maybe padding, it's hard to tell.
Tom Vaughn of the Lions had what looks like central padding on lid: 

Pete Case of the Eagles with a large ridge:
Lane Howell of the Eagles has a center pad:
Irv Cross, another Eagle, with the center padding.
Bob Brown with the padded lid—
Brown also wore a padded helmet with the Rams, though it does not look as pronounced as it did with the Eagles or Raiders—
Here is a good shot of Freeman White with the odd helmet. 

The Cardinals Ken Gray with his padded lid—

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