Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Ziggy Ansah—Why Did He Wear Three Pairs of Cleats Sunday?

By John Turney

We notice little things here. Maybe too much. Sunday we say that Ziggy Ansah wore three different sets of cleats during the game.

Since there was rain we thought that the changes had to do with that, since we grew up reading stories about how equipment managers would change the cleats with a drill during games to get a competitive advantage. Or a guy would try and 1/2" cleat and then change to the 5/8" or whatever.

We saw that Ansah, playing in his first game of 2019, wore a pair of lime green Nike cleats, and a pair of all-white ones and also ones that were navy and lime green.

So, why did he do it? The rain? Trying to use different lengths of cleats?

Naw. Just was trying all of them to see which ones felt best according to the Seahawks equipment manager. Nothing too exciting at all—just run-of-the-mill breaking in of shoes.

Oh well.

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