Friday, September 18, 2020

RIP Larry Wilson

 By John Turney

Credit: Merv Corning 

Earlier today, the Arizona Cardinals announced the passing of Larry Wilson, one of the true greats of the game. Wilson checked all the boxes—All-time teams, statistics, testimonials, innovations, intangibles, you name it.

He was a member of the NFL's 100th Anniversary Team (2019), NFL All-Time Team (2000), NFL 75th Anniversary Team (1994), NFL 50th Anniversary team (runner-up) (1969), NFL 1960s All-Decade Team, 1970 All-Decade (Second-team) and was a six-time All-Pro and went to eight Pro Bowls. He was named NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 1966 when he led the NFL with 10 interceptions. 

He ended his career had 52 interceptions, 21 sacks. eight defensive scores (7 defensive TDs and one safety). 

He didn't "invent" the safety blitz per se but he popularized and utilized more than anyone in the 1960s. He was known for toughness playing in games with broken bones in both his hands and had numerous broken noses.

In a statement released by the Cardinals Wilson is quoted as saying "In a football game, you've only got 60 minutes to prove what kind of player you are. Forty-nine minutes aren't enough. You've got to give 100% on every play."

Wilson did that. And more.


  1. Rest In Peace, Mr. Wilson. An all time great.

  2. Was all over the field in NFL films I saw and deserved a championship ...

    RIP Larry Wilson