Monday, August 8, 2016

1945-1955 All-Mid-Decade Teams

By John Turney

A couple of months ago we chose a 2005-2015 All-Mid-Decade Teams and a 1995-2005 team  as well as  1985-95, 1975-85,  1965-75 and 1955-1965 to represent the best players from that era, realizing that just an All-Decade team that began in 1960, 1970, 1980, etc., was a bit arbitrary.

For this team we chose a 5-3 defense, though in 1945 teams were playing a 6-2, but by 1955 many were beginning to play a 4-3. In the middle, there was a lot of 5-3.

We also included AAFC players and treated this as a combined team, like with the AFL and NFL on the 1965-75 team

Lou Groza
The offensive line is many names already known to most, Hall of Famers or near HOF players. The rest were All-Pro several times. The honorable mentions are center Fred Naumetz, guards Ray Bray and Mike Lazetich, and tackles Paul Lipscomb and Tex Coulter. Bray also gets an HM on defense
Credit: Merv Corning
Credit: Merv Corning
Otto Graham was 7-3 in Championship games in this "decade". Waterfield won a championship in 1945 as a rookie and split time with Norm Van Brocklin in the 1951 title. Frankie Albert of the 49ers was the honorable mention.
Marion Motley Art Credit: Merv Corning
Clear choices for Motley and Van Buren. It was close between Dudley and Trippi. Dick Hoerner, Bob Hoernschemeyer, Joe Perry and especially Buddy Young were honorable mentions.
Credit: Lon Keller

The ends could have been arranged in many ways between First- and Second-teams. the Browns ends got the championships, the Rams ends got the numbers and individual honors. The honorable mention pass catchers are Alyn Beals, Pete Pihos and Mal Kutner.

Len Ford. Art Credit: Merv Corning
Bill Willis Art credit: Chuck Ren
Honorable mention defensive ends are Bob Dove, Barney Poole and Bill McPeak. The HM tackles are Al DeRogatis and Ray Bray.

The HM linebackers are Bucko Kilroy (also a middle guard), Jerry Shipkey, Mike Lazetich, and Vince Banonis. Frank Reagan is the only HM DB so far.

Waterfield is a HM punter and once again Bill Dudley edges Charley Trippi, this time as a returner.

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