Monday, November 12, 2018

Cowboys Wore Usual Pants Sunday Night.

By John Turney
When we saw the Cowboys play Sunday night it looked to me like their pants were silver, not the seafoam green they usually look like.

Some screen captures from the game give an idea of what we saw:

Here is what the pants usually look like, in a night game on the road:

And as can be seen, the more sweat that soaks in the green really comes out.

We think there is a difference in color in the screencaps from Sunday and these from other games, but it's all lighting. The pants are the same. The Cowboys equipment manager confirmed to us that Dallas wore "we wore our standard “Cowboys Star Blue” pants that we wear with our regular white jerseys in Sunday’s game."

Lighting. Plays tricks on eyes. We wish Jerry Jones would install that brand of lights.

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