Sunday, November 25, 2018

Philip Rivers Sets Three New NFL Records

By John Turney
Today, Philip Rivers put his name atop three records in the NFL Record and Fact Book. He completed 25 consecutive passes and also completed 96.6 percent of his passes (28/29).

The consecutive passes (which opened the game) broke breaking Mark Brunell's record of 22 straight completions to open a game which was set on September 24, 2006, versus the Texans. 

Rivers also set the NFL record for the most completions at any point in a game. Ryan Tannehill also completed 25 passes in a row but that was over a two-game span.

Additionally, he set a new standard for Highest Completion Percentage in a game with his 96.6 percentage.


After rewatching all 29 passes we noted the distance from the line of scrimmage for each one. We included the yards in the end zone, so if a catch was at back of end zone Rivers gets full credit.

Only seven of the passes were thrown 10 or more yards beyond the line of scrimmage, with 22 being within 10 yards of the LOS:

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