Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Bill Nunn—The Kind of Candidate the HOF "Contributor" Category Was Made For

 By John Turney

Bill Nunn
Earlier today Bull Nunn was chosen by the Hall of Famer Contributor committee as the 2021 nominee for the Hall of Fame. He is a solid and worthy choice and in your view will be elected come February when the voting committee as a whole meets. No worries, he's a lock for induction—he WILL receive 80% of the votes by the 48-member selection committee.

Nunn is the kind of person that was ideally supposed to be a beneficiary of the contributor category and it's heartening to see him get the nod. 

Other contributors elected to the Hall of Fame since 2015 are Bill Polian, Ron Wolf, Edward DeBartolo Jr., Jerry Jones, Bobby Beathard, Pat Bowlen, Gil Brandt, Steve Sabol, Paul Tagliabue, and George Young.

Of the previous ten inductees, three are owners (ironically all are or were or have family members on the Hall of Fame Board of Trustees) and five were GM-types and one was a former commissioner (whose protege sits on the HOF board) and one was NFL Films icon, Steve Sabol. 

Nunn was not in any of those categories, he was a tremendously successful and scout who was also a pioneer. He will be the first person of color inducted from that committee (now in its seventh year of existence). 

When the contributor committee was formed some feared that it was just s simply entre to the Hall of Fame for recent owners (not old school owners like Bud Adams, Art Modell, or Carrol Rosenbloom) and since Robert Kraft got himself into some off-field controversy his "slot" has been moved back a few years, in our view, which allows for the kind of candidate that fits ideally—Nunn being one.

Seymour Siwoff of Elias Sports Bureau, NFL Head of Officials Art McNally, Proscout, Inc.'s Mike Giddings, Eddie Kotal, Bucko Kilroy, and others also, in our view "fit the bill" as well as Nunn.

The contributor committee got it ran and deserves praise. 

Well done. 


  1. Good call on Nunn guys and well deserving ...

    Put glasses on his face, and he reminds me of Mr Soul Train, Don Cornelius.

  2. Any word yet on which names were considered as the other nine finalists?

  3. You think Bill Nunn is the Greatest NFL Draft Scout of all time?! Who else is within that same tier of scouting excellence?!

    1. Eddie Kotal, Bucko Kilroy, Dick Steinberg, Lloyd Wells to name a few