Friday, August 21, 2020

The Consensus 1969 All-Pro Team (Not the Separate All-NFL and All-AFL Teams)

 By  John Turney

Sometimes, even among NFL researchers and historians there is a disconnect in All-Pro teams for the 1960s (and from 1946-49) in terms of All-Pro versus All-NFL and All-AFL (and All-Pro vs All-NFL and All-AAFC).

They have all been used interchangeably by most of us but they really are not. In the 1960s there were All-AFL teams and All-NFL teams for all ten seasons. However, starting in 1967 there were major organizations that picked combined All-Pro teams, selection players from both leagues 

In 1967, Murray Olderman picked the first kind of "major" All-Pro team—picking players from both leagues and in 1968 the PFWA and PFW did it, and then in 1969 most organizations finally did it.

Needless to say, it is tougher to make an All-Pro team than an All-AFL or All-NFL team thus it is a bit higher of an honor, worthy to be noted in our view. 

Here is the combined 1969 All-Pro team from the major organizations—

Wide Receivers
Lance Alworth, San Diego (HOF, PFWA, NEA, PFW)
Fred Biletnikoff,  Oakland (PFWA, PFW)
Paul Warfield, Cleveland (HOF, NEA)

Tight Ends
Jerry Smith, Washington (PFWA, NEA)
Bob Trumpy, Cincinnati (HOF, PFW)

Bob Brown, Los Angeles (HOF, PFWA, NEA, PFW)
Jim Tyrer, Kansas City (HOF, PFWA, PFW)
Winston Hill, N.Y. Jets (NEA)

Gene Hickerson, Cleveland (HOF, PFWA, PFW)
Walt Sweeney, San Diego (NEA, PFW)
Tom Mack,  Los Angeles (HOF)
Ed Budde, Kansas City (NEA)
Gene Upshaw, Oakland (PFWA)

Mick Tingelhoff, Minnesota  (HOF, PFWA, NEA, PFW)

Daryle  Lamonica, Oakland (PFWA, PFW)
Roman Gabriel, Los Angeles (HOF)
Joe Namath, N.Y. Jets (NEA) 

Running Backs
Gale Sayers, Chicago (HOF, PFWA, NEA, PFW)
Calvin Hill, Dallas (HOF, PFWA)
Leroy Kelly, Cleveland (NEA)
Matt Snell, N.Y. Jets (PFW)

Defensive Ends
Carl Eller, Minnesota  (HOF, PFWA, NEA, PFW)
Deacon Jones, Los Angeles (HOF, PFWA, NEA, PFW)

Defensive Tackles
Merlin Olsen, Los Angeles (HOF, PFWA, NEA, PFW)
Bob Lilly, Dallas (HOF, PFWA, NEA)
Buck Buchanan, Kansas City (PFW)

Middle Linebacker
Dick Butkus, Chicago (HOF, PFWA, NEA, PFW)

Outside Linebackers
Bobby Bell, Kansas City (HOF, PFWA, NEA, PFW)
Chuck Howley,  Dallas  (HOF, NEA, PFW)
George Webster, Houston (PFWA)

Willie Brown, Oakland (HOF, PFWA, NEA, PFW)
Lem Barney, Detroit  (HOF, NEA, PFW)
Mel Renfro, Dallas (NEA-S, PFW)

Dave Grayson, Oakland (PFWA, NEA, PFW)
Larry Wilson, St. Louis (HOF, PFWA)
Johnny Robinson, Kansas City (HOF)

Jan Stenerud, Kansas City (HOF, NEA)
Jim Turner, N.Y. Jets (PFWA)

David Lee, Baltimore ( (HOF, PFWA, NEA)

HOF = Pro Football Hall of Fame (poll of the 24-man selection committee)
PFWA = Pro Football Writers of America (poll of members)
NEA = Newspaper Enterprise Association
PFW = Pro Football Weekly: All-Pro team (poll of NFL & AFL correspondents)
Note: The AP never picked a combined NFL/AFL team

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  1. I am surprised Jim Otto wasn't in this mix. But what a group!