Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Just Messing Around With Metallic Blues and Real Ram Horns versus "Wave-horns"

By John Turney
The upper left shit is from the Rams Twitter feed. All others are iterations done by PFJ.

We did this just for fun, to see the various horns with curls and various colors of blue. Call it a "COVID" project. 

The upper right is a horn with 3D effect and a curl in the horn. The slot below is the current horn with a curl. Next to that same thing but with a "thin" break. The bottom left is mo break with a curl, bo shading. Botton right has a thin "break" and a curl and 3 D shading.

Actual color—seems on the medium blue side.

We tweaked the above color to match the color seen in most Rams publicity shots —a true royal metallic blue.

Metallic Navy

Metallic Midnight Blue

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  1. bottom left is what the helmet should look like....all the rest are marketing garbage....Jack Youngblood and Fred Gehrke know what Rams helmets should look like