Sunday, August 23, 2020

Rams New Kits Under the SoFi Lights

 By John Turney

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Here are some shots of the Rams uniforms from their first appearance on SoFi Stadium with some commentary. 

Color of blue is bright, the horns cut off

Uniforms look better without gradient

That "Sol" color does not look yellow or "sun-like" Looks greenish

Bone is supposed to be a "warm light grey" Appears to be a cool, dull grey on HD Video.

However, digital photography shows it to be a warm light grey—so this one matches the intent

Blue is bright, but less metallic than outdoors

The color of the helmet changes with lighting, which is interesting

Again, the cool dull grey, that tints a bit green 
Uniform, as is, with gradient numerals 

Same uniform, but with no gradients 

More color testing---using Photoshop.—

These "bone" shots look more of the greenish grey scale—

The light grey may be picking up the color of the turf giving a green tint.

Is this the actual color chart? Sure seems like it. 

And here are a couple more "as is" shots and the gradients taken out—

People can make up their own minds, but this remains a hot topic of conversation among Rams fans—months, even, after the rebrand was released.

However, there were some positive comments.  We are Estimating about 10-20% based on studying all the polls and posts by uniform aficionados. At best. 


  1. Monochrome blues look like pajamas I wore in 1978.

  2. listen coward. we all know who you are and if you don't quit posting negative on the uniforms it will have to be stopped


  3. well you're the one who remains "anonymous" tuff guy....I've posted negatively on these (and numerous other) unis lots of paraphrase the late John Milner, "I hate these "bone and surfer dude" threads....the Rams unis have been going down since 1955."

    1. this guy is doing a lot of damage to a good organization with good people and he needs to shut up about Rams stuff

  4. see you on twitter dissing Rams again. If you don't stop we will make you stop.

  5. The only Rams outfits I've ever liked are the ones that they wore in St. Louis right after their S.B. win there. Other than that - I wouldn't give you 5 cents for any of 'em.