Wednesday, August 1, 2018


By T.J. Troup
This weekend former Philadelphia Eagle Brian Dawkins will be inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Have had many discussions over the years concerning what are the responsibilities of a safety, and who has played the position at an elite level. Brian Dawkins is very deserving of enshrinement. The folks at the Pro Football Hall of Fame have been helpful and respectful of my work on the history of the game, and sure like to help them out when I can.

A few days ago I sent them some stat info on Mr. Dawkins. Before 1950 many players caught a touchdown pass and intercepted a pass in the same game. From 1950 through 1956 this accomplishment happened only 15 times. In the last game of the 1956 season for Pittsburgh Jack Butler did it for the 4th and last time in his career.

Since that game, only four men have accomplished this feat. Rookie Ed Sutton of the 'Skins did it against the Eagles in December of '57. Outside linebacker Jim Houston of the Browns did it in December of '66 against Philadelphia. Fifteen years later stellar athlete Roy Green of the Cardinals accomplished this in '81.

There were many games played between 1981 and 2002, and sure looked like it would never happen again, yet in the 35-17 win over the Houston Texans on September 29th, 2002 Brian Dawkins became the latest player to join this fraternity. In the second quarter his interception and 27-yard return set up a field goal, and in the 3rd quarter Brian Mitchell tossed to Dawkins for a 57-yard touchdown.

The second subject for today is a personal one, yet feel strongly in sharing the following; over the years has been struggling to convince teams/companies to invest in my historical statistical research. Was told by bitter/angry Bob Carroll years ago that "you will never make a dime selling research". Well, Bob, you were wrong. I hired an agent three years ago, and Mr. Shane Holmes has done yeoman's work in contacting folks and completing deals. The most recent was a mega-deal like no other. My hope is that someday there will be a site the pro football fan can go to and view a complete and accurate box score (like baseball).


  1. Hey coach Troup would someone like Cliff Harris from the 70s compare to Brian Dawkins because I believe Harris deserves enshrinement too.

  2. ...hey Alen, thanks for asking. Dr. Z and myself had many heated discussions(arguments) concerning Cliff H. he called him a "crash" safety, more of an enforcer. Harris was a fine tackler and of course a physical player. he was adequate on pass defense. film study shows him out of position way too many times to be in the HoF. I told Dr. Z Fencik & Cromwell were actually better, and Z flipped out.

  3. Very interesting. Never thought Harris was one to be out of position often. I will have to keep watching film on Harris I guess.

  4. If you don't like Harris as much as Dr Z how high are you on Willie Wood, Larry Wilson, and Ed Reed?

    1. Larry Wilson is a deserving Hall of Famer, known almost as much for the blitz as he is for tackling and intercepting. One of the ten best right(or free) safeties of all-time. Willie Wood would rank in the top 5. One of the best open field tacklers EVER. Until late in his career had tremendous range. Bengston's scheme gave Willie a lot of responsibility. Ed Reed is the most instinctive, and best of his generation. He might be the best ever.

  5. Great news about your research opportunity, Coach! Looking forward to hearing more about it!

  6. Got to always keep striving to reach our goals no matter what others say. They might not have the same vision as you. I love the research this site does though.

  7. ....thank you Alen, do you share with others how much you enjoy this site? under John Turney's guidance, we have put together a terrific group of writers/historians. they all bring something different to the table. If you are a John Brodie fan, please check out his story on 8-14. Have been studying a ton of film I have on him, and of course his stats.

  8. Yeah, I have told some buddies about this site. Will check out that Brodie story and make a point to watch more footage of him in the future.