Monday, December 16, 2019

NFL 100 Top Ten Wide Receivers Leaked?

By John Turney

On Twitter, the NFL released the Wide Receiver Finalists for the NFL 100 All-Time Team with theis meme.
However, on Reddit and Twitter it is being reported that the NFL accidentally relased the Final 10 with this Instagram meme:
We don't know for sure if it's legit but it does not seem like a hoax. For what it's worth the name many Twitter folks (we don't do Instagram) are most upset about is Elroy Hirsch.


  1. I saw that to John. Could be official.

  2. while quibbles can be made, overall the top-100 list seems to have merit....the one that is gobsmackingly shocking to me is the exclusion of Bronko Nagurski…...presumably even the most casual fan has heard that name and his contemporaries (with the possible exception of Clark Hinkle) considered him dominant.....thoughts?