Thursday, December 12, 2019

The 2019 Jets Rush Defense is Best in Franchise History Through 13 Games

By John Turney
Many in the analytics crowd will tell you that running the ball and stopping the run does not matter. Having talked to NFL defensive coordinators we'd suggest there is still much value in not getting the ball run down your throat and that stopping the run allows more aggressive blitz packages on third down because the ball is a couple of yards that it would be with poorer run defense.

Nonetheless, it is interesting to note that Gregg Williams and his scheme of "not leveraging mythical gaps" has stopped the run in the Big Apple in 2019, better than any previous Jets defense.

The Jets (prior to the big Thursday Night Football game against the Ravens) are allowing just 3.0 yards a carry and 78.8 yards per game rushing.

Tonight's matchup will be tough. The Ravens are rushing for 200.9 yards per game and a 5.5 yards per rush. Since 1960 the Ravens mark of 200.9 yds rushing a game is 8th best.
The 5.46 yards a carry is also one of best since 1960.
So, will tonight be the proverbial irresistible force meeting the immovable object?

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  1. The Jets in the Rex Ryan, Todd Bowles and Adam Gase eras have mostly embarrassed themselves in national TV games. That includes a game in the 2010 when the Jets were actually good.