Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Kuechly Making Plays Behind the Line of Scrimmage at Record Pace

By Nick Webster
Luke Kuechly
It’s been lost somewhat in the incredible season that Aaron Donald is having this year, but MLB Luke Kuechly is having one of the best seasons of his career. With two stuffs this weekend he now has 16.5 on the season, already the seventh highest value recorded in a single season. (A stuff is a tackle for a loss scored properly, not the way 'TFLs' are scored by NFLGSIS)

If he keeps up this pace, Kuechly would finish the season with 22 Stuffs the second-highest value known behind only J.J. Watt’s spectacular 2012 season. Kuechly now has 70 career stuffs in just seven seasons.
But we’d be remiss not to mention one of our favorites and the perennially underrated Lavonte David. Certainly his 2018 hasn’t been at the level of Kuechly’s, but with his 8.5 stuffs so far this season he’s in tied for 5th in the NFL, but in aggregate, through the same 7 seasons that Kuechly’s been around David now has 84.5 placing him 16th on the All-time list with him likely to finish in the top-10 all-time.
Lavonte David
By the way, the second-ranked player in the NFL in stuffs is a little known LB from Buffalo called Matt Milano a second-year player out of, you guessed it, Boston College—must be something in the water up there for recent LB’s.  Milano has 10.5 stuffs so far this season.
Matt Milano
That said, the gap between Kuechly and Milano is such that is Kuechly doesn’t play another snap this season and Milano creates stuffs at the same pace, Kuechly would still lead the league in stuffs.

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