Friday, December 14, 2018

Matt Milano—2018, A Breakout Year

 By John Turney 
Credit: 2018 Bills Media Guide 
The Bills Second-year linebacker Matt Milano was put on injured reserve earlier this week after having an excellent breakout season. He fractured a fibula in the Week 13 game against the Jets.

He won a starting job as an off-the-ball linebacker and totaled 78 tackles but 11.5 were for losses and he also picked off three passes and fell on three loose balls and sacked one quarterback. The old NFL axiom is great players make great plays. 

We're not suggesting Milano is great just year, but he's certainly a candidate for the NFL's most improved player and someone to keep an eye on. While not as talented perhaps. these are the kind of numbers that the Bucs linebacker Lavonte David puts up in terms of tackles for loss.

He's listed at 6-0, 223 pounds and was a fifth-round pick by the Bills out of Boston College in 2017. He's active, smart, and doesn't seem to get fooled much. 

He's a young, poor man's Jack Ham-type in coverage. Of course, by "type" we mean he has a long way to go, but that's the comparison that comes to mind when we watch him play.

In the run game, he likes to read, and as Jon Gruden likes to say "shoot his gun", with no hesitation just shoot a gap for splash plays. 

Here are a handful—

Here's hoping he will be back as good as new in 2019.

Milano's career stats—

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