Tuesday, January 1, 2019

NFL Passers Set Records in 2018

By John Turney
Passing records have trended up over the past forty years and 2018 was no exception.NFL passers set league records for completion percentage, most touchdown passes and in the NFL passer rating statistic. The average gain in 2018 was 7.37, just short of the all-time high of 7.41 set in 1957. The touchdown percentage of 4.8% was the highest since 1969 (combined AFL and NFL).

Additionally, the NFL runner set a record of yards per carry of 4.42, breaking the 2011 mark of 4.29. Here is a chart showing 1978 through 2018:

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  1. Maybe I am more a traditionalist, but when I see a league wide passer rating over 90 percent, I don't care what kind of schemes or defences, teams are running, they're just not doing their jobs. Without defence, this league will slowly die, no matter how many kids, offence attracts.