Monday, August 30, 2021

Who Will Hall of Fame Contributor Nominee Be?

 By John Turney
Tomorrow the contributor committee meets, not in the "room" but on "Zoom" to select the candidate that will be presented to the entire committee at next year's Super Bowl.

We don't know the entire list, but going from the past years it's a good bet that many of the same names will be considered.

We certainly expect Art McNally to get strong support, and is our prediction to be the nominee this year. Football Zebras makes the case for him HERE
Art McNally

Another man who has been mentioned in media reports is NFL Founder Ralph Hay. You can read more about him HERE,  HERE, and HERE. He's more of a longshot but is someone who seems to be gaining momentum as his story is becoming more well-known.
Ralph Hay
Then, of course, is the current owner Robert Kraft. He's been put on the back burner for certain legal issues, otherwise, in our view, he'd be in already since we think this entire category was created to allow for owners a path to a gold jacket especially some who have been on Hall's various boards and NFL committees than steer funds to Canton. Perhaps that is coincidental. 

Kraft may still be on HOF "informal probation" but if that has been lifted, he will be the nominee. We just don't know what the statute of limitations is for happy endings. 
Robert Kraft
There could be scouts or a combination of player/scout like Bucko Kilroy or John Wooton, or Eddie Kotal or Lloyd Wells or Jack Vainisi or others. But how can you separate them? All similar to Bill Nunn in accomplishments but who goes first and how can they compete with the likes of Kraft?

One of our favorites is Seymour Siwoff. He's the founder of Elias Sports Bureau and the one who organized the NFL's statistics—the "numbers". And the numbers are what created the bases for Fantasy Football, and all the interesting statistics that have brought enjoyment and understanding to millions upon millions of fans.

Do you like any NFL stats? Thank Seymour.
Seymour Siwoff
Other owners like Art Modell, Bud Adams, or even maybe a Carroll Rosenbloom could be discussed. Of those three Rosenbloom has the best, in our view, resume but we do wonder about his alleged nefarious ties to the underworld. We have no idea but if they are true he would not be the first owner from the "old NFL" to have such alleged ties.

Tomorrow we know. If we could pick it might be McNally, Hay, or Siwoff. Our guess is McNally and darkhorse is Kraft if the double-secret probation has ended. 

The race is run tomorrow, we'll let you know when he know.


  1. No owners who bought a team after, say, 1963 should be in the HOF.

  2. Vainisi and Kotal brought so much talent to their teams its ridiculous.
    Vainisi also convinced a bi-polar coach to come to GB when no one other than the Eagles wanted him. Along with coaching up the talent already there, he became pretty successful.
    Kilroy was a tough player, scout and executive and deserves his chance.

  3. Would be interested in what a true HOF insider like David Baker thinks.

    1. "Our guess is McNally and darkhorse is Kraft if the double-secret probation has ended"

      Hmm, we were pretty close, huh? LOL.