Monday, July 17, 2017

Analysis: John Wooten MMQB All-Time Draft Team

By John Turney

John Wooten MMQB All-Time Draft Team

John Wooden picked two fine left defensive ends and two fine right defensive tackles, but they could project to different spots. Brown and Page, especially likely could work well together. The safeties work very well and the linebackers, too, with the exception of Bill Willis. All the film I've seen of his is as a middle guard in a 5-3 or 5-2 defense. Having Leo Nomellini to fill is is great.
I love this offensive line, all in right positions. A dancer-type left tackle named Brown and a boomer of a tackle named Brown. A possession receiver and a deep threat. The only question is lack of a lead blocker of Simpson.
Cockcroft was a fine dual kicker and had some excellent years and a couple poor ones. But he saves a roster slot allowing Ike Bruce and Leo Nomellini.

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