Saturday, July 2, 2016

Some Random Statistics for 1980s-90s Linebackers

By John Turney

Apropos of little, here is a chart that was in our files we wanted to share. It is the stats and honors for a group of rushbackers and linebackers from roughly the 1980s-1990s.

(Click to enlarge)

You will have to click to enlarge. Those in the Hall of Fame are highlighted. The Player of the Year Awards include both NFL and AFC/NFC. LBOY is the Linebacker of the Year Awards that the NFLPA and NFL Alumni gave out during this period. CAP is Consensus All-Pro.

Also, we are now sure that Lawrence Taylor had over 50 forced fumbles. We've only gleaned what was available from gamebooks but there is a good film study that is very credible that shows that maybe as many as a dozen forced fumbles in Giants games were not properly attributed to Taylor. We will post on that as season draws nearer.

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