Saturday, July 2, 2016

Some Random Statistics for 1980s-90s Linebackers

By John Turney

Apropos of little, here is a chart that was in our files we wanted to share. It is the stats and honors for a group of rushbackers and linebackers from roughly the 1980s-1990s.

(Click to enlarge)

You will have to click to enlarge. Those in the Hall of Fame are highlighted. The Player of the Year Awards include both NFL and AFC/NFC. LBOY is the Linebacker of the Year Awards that the NFLPA and NFL Alumni gave out during this period. CAP is Consensus All-Pro.

Also, we are now sure that Lawrence Taylor had over 50 forced fumbles. We've only gleaned what was available from gamebooks but there is a good film study that is very credible that shows that maybe as many as a dozen forced fumbles in Giants games were not properly attributed to Taylor. We will post on that as season draws nearer.


  1. Lawrence Taylor should be credited with 56 forced fumbles plus 10 lost to bad referee decisions.

    1. Aware of that, but it's yet to be proven. We are working to verify, videos taken down...we are the ones to took the Giants semi-official total from 31 to over 40, and with film study are sure it's over 50, but he cannot, for sure, say it's 56. Amd we cannot take the word of an anonymous comment. But, as we said, we are working on it. We said in the post "Also, we are now sure that Lawrence Taylor had over 50 forced fumbles."

    2. Mr. Turney, if you need a video here you go: