Saturday, January 11, 2020

Derrick Henry IS Bronko Nagurski

By John Turney
In the NFL's first playoff game in 1932 Bronko Nagurski threw a touchdown pass to Red Grange.

According to Wikipedia "In the fourth quarter, the Bears scored on a controversial touchdown: Carl Brumbaugh handed the ball off to Nagurski, who pulled up and threw to Red Grange in the end zone for the score. Rules at the time mandated that a forward pass had to be thrown from at least five yards behind the line of scrimmage. The Spartans argued Nagurski did not drop back five yards before passing to Grange, but the touchdown stood. "
Chicago Tribune
There were a lot of oddities in that game, one was the contest was played indoors on a short field. But those are stories for another day.

This is not the play, but it is a cool illustration from that game.
TOnight the Titans running back Derrick Henry threw a jump pass against the heavily favored Ravens.
Henry jumps and throws a touchdown to Corey Davis

It was nice to see. Though it's doubtful this was the first jump pass for a touchdown in a playoff game since 1932, it's possible. But they were common then and in the 1930s is equally possible someone did it. Regardless. Talk about fun. Well done Titans, well done.

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  1. I jumped up off my couch when Henry executed that play and told my wife that the jump pass had basically been passe before the end of WWII....and here John goes and points out that it's been done before in an NFL "playoff" game....the omission of Bronko from the NFL 100 is still an absurdity