Monday, November 25, 2019

Rams Have One of Most Brutal Nights in Franchise History

By John Turney
Lamar Jackson. Credit: NFL Replay
Ten times in Rams history (since 1940-hat tip Pro Football Reference) the Rams have allowed more rushing yards than they did tonight versus the Ravens on Monday Night Football.

Ten times in Rams history they have run for fewer yards than they did on MNF tonight.

That's a tough double negative.
Mark Ingram. Credit: NFL Replay

Todd Gurley. Credit: NFL Replay
That is a 263-yard net difference—The worst such difference in franchise history

The only two close are a 38-14 loss to the Eagles on 11/6/1949 and the nest difference was 237 yards. On that day the Rams ran for 27 yards and allowed 274. That was the second-worst ever.

The worst, before tonight, was in 1944 when the Rams rushed for 29 yards and allowed 274 yards for a negative net of 245 yards.

All that contributed to a 39-point loss, the worst-ever for a home game in Rams history.

Lamar Jackson likely moved into the lead in the MVP race in the game—we think it is his to lose now. He threw for 5 touchdowns and ran for 95 yards. Mark Ingram ran for 111 and one went for a touchdown.

Any team, even a good one with a good defense can have a bad night. It happens. Same with an offense. In this case they got behind and couldn't run since they were playing catchup. But to have both hit on the same night is a credit to the Ravens.

On the other side, the Ravens also set the inverse of the record. Earlier this year against the Dolphins (9/18/19)the Ravens ran for 265 yards and allowed just 21 for a net of 244. They won that game 59-10.

In 2000, the year of the first title, the Ravens ran for 247 on the Browns on November 26, 2000, and allowed 28 yards for a net of 219 yards.

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