Monday, November 11, 2019

Follow Up: Terrell Suggs

By Nick Webster
About three weeks ago PFJ did a post on Terrell Suggs remarking on how he's plugging along, racking up the numbers few know about.

With two run stuffs yesterday Suggs surpassed the century mark and now has 100.5 stuffs, a remarkable number in and of itself. But when coupled with his sacks it's doubly so. (A 'stuff' is a tackle for a loss that is not a sack)

In my research, only two other players have the double-triple—Bruce Smith and Deacon Jones.  Not bad company.

There are two other excellent two-way players on the horizon but it will take some good health.
JJ Watt is at 96.0 sacks 91.5 stuffs. Also, perennially underrated Calais Campbell could perhaps get there. He has 87.0 sacks and 84.0 stuffs.

Also of note:  Suggs has also passed two HOFers on the sack list in John Randle and Richard Dent, neither of whom had as many tackles, PD's, FF's or stuffs as he's had, so to me he's a sure-fire HOFer, probably not first ballot but if Jason Taylor is then . . . .

Here are his updated career stats—


  1. Suggs definitely has a great resume and sack/tackles for loss numbers, but let's flip the coin, like Gore as a RB, is he a great player, or compiler due to playing so long ? Same argument with Julius Peppers...they all played, and didn't ride the bench, so they were all HOF type players. Though others could see them as "compilers".

    1. TO some, maybe. But to me, stats are part of the equation. And guys who play a long time compile stats.

      My definition of a "compiler" is someone who is very good, but also lasts a long time and become "great" because they compile stats.

      A player like Peppers or SUggs, to varying degrees, were Defensive Player of the Year (Suggs) and have rings (Suggs) and/or were 3-4 times First-team All-Pro (Peppers) and 9 Pro Bowls (Peppers).

      So, Suggs and Peppers were considered among the best at their peak. And then after that high peak compiled.

      Gore was never higher than 2nd team All-Pro (just one time--not that great) and 5 Pro Bowls (which is decent).

      But then, due to great health was a productive back after his peak (which was a good peak, but not a great peak)

      Since leaving SF Gore has average 3.9 a carry. League average for that time is 4.2

      Gore has intanglibles worth mentioning, he's a good pass pro. He was okay as a receiver. He runs super hard. His best intangible is the "eye test".

      So, I don't thinl a peak player like a Willie Mays, can be a compiler because during his peak he was usually an MVP-candidate. And then as he got older, he did compiled, but that does not make him a compiler.

      Harold Baines, was never an All-time great.. but he did last a long time and was servicable and was a compiler.

      Suggs and Peppers had a pretty high "peak" and Gore not so much and that is the difference in my view.

  2. Suggs is not a compiler in my book. He may not be a tier one Hall of Famer but he certainly deserves induction.